you guys are all assholes sayin that stuff bout down syndrome....down syndrome is a form of mental retardation that causes you to learn slower and usually some of your physical features are different. They can be rather high functioning or non.
people with down syndrome can be very nice.
by Anonymous June 15, 2004
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A condition where you have an extra chromosome. The normal amount of chromosomes is 46, and with Down syndrome you have 47.
Diego Reyes has mad Down syndrome.
by Are you Tweakin May 29, 2016
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An extremely intelligent person who doesn't deserve hatred. Please keep the negative comments about Down syndrome people to yourself. Thank you
My little brother has {Downsyndrome} and is very intelligent and adorable!
by alay.s May 05, 2016
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mental disorder caused by an extra chromosome. causes learning difficulties as well as a flat looking face.(Kinda Like a Pug)
A great many mental patients have this disease
by Daniel Prince February 22, 2005
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Down Sydrome is simply one of the most hilarious forms of mental defects around. If you can't laugh at Down Sydrome, you can't appreciate it.
That's the stupidest thing I ever heard, bitch must have down syndrome or something.
by Matthew D. Dillon April 18, 2008
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What you call someone who has recently been an idiot, asked an extremely stupidass question or is just a flat-out moron.
Person one: hey look at me i'm licking the floor

Person two: ... do you have fucking down syndrome?

Person one: is the Earth flat?

Person two: you have down syndrome.
by Knee-Grow10 April 17, 2007
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