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A type of musical cacophany that is made when a tweaker tries to mix drum and bass tunes with trance, relying on substandard mp3 mixing software, whilst throwing insults and random insanities into soulseek chatrooms.
The lack of concentration often associated with overt meth use, and general fiddling with faders that don't need fiddling with, causes the listener to hear noises that can best be described as the same noise as grinding a cat over a typewriter, whilst banging your face repeatedly into an iron spike.
The random volume changes and trainwrecking induce symptoms akin to vomiting, nausea and diarrhoea. Some more unfortunate people have been known to commit suicide after listening to a Dougstep mix..
'oh man, not Dougstep again.... i can't listen to that, my bowels feel too tender to risk it..'

by Spaceface January 09, 2006
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