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Douglaston is a small town in New York city, in Queens. It includes Douglaston Manor, a collection of 600 houses, one public Elementary School, a park, a "Yacht" Club, and a dock. Douglaston teenagers spend their time doing one of three things. Going to school which occupies their winter, but during the summer participating in sailing camp at the Douglaston dock sailing in Optis, Lasers, Blue Jays, or Pixels. If not that, they're at the Douglaston club playing tennis or practicing on the swim team. Every July, either on the 3rd and 4th or 4th and 5th, Douglaston holds the DMA (Douglaston Manor Association) games, which include swimming on the first day, with other children in your age group and track and field on the second day. Douglaston is a very rich, formal, expensive town where the kids act like perfect little angels but are really crackheads and freaks
Adult:Oh my goodness! you're so well mannered of course you're from Douglaston
Teen: thank you ma'am, and yes

once adult leaves teen goes to friends

Teen: yo biatchezz let's PARTY. watever the f we want we'll get it bitch.
by _dougggie... July 03, 2008
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