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A person who has the uncanny ability to show up in one's presence without being noticed and tries to extract cool points instead of blood from you.
Man, that guy in the mail room is a straight up douchebagula. Every time I turn around I see this fool standing there trying to tell me a douche joke and asking about where everyone is going for happy hour. I always tell him the same place as last time, Doucheville next to the Douchebaggery store in the Mall.

Insurance companies are now lowering rates with their "Doughebag Avoidance" campaign. If you can successfully avoid a douchebag or incident with one, you can lower your rates by 25%. Inquire now with your Insurance company for more details.
by deeznuttas March 18, 2011
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1. The most supreme form of a douchebag, this person's douchebaggery know's no bounds

2. ANYONE who watched, liked, or talked about in a good way, failed hard movie Twilight

3. See definition #2

4. Any Mexican who's named Jose Paublo Miranda

5. Anyone who likes vampire movies is not a douche-bagula, unless you like Twilight

6. Anyone who doesn't use the term "Cockass"

7. All Jews :)
1. The 10 year old girl who was waiting on the red carpet, while the star of the male vampire of the suck-ass movie Twilight screaming "Bite me, bite me" is a douche-bagula

2. Anyone of Jew-ish descent is a douche-bagula

3. Because Jose Paublo Miranda pussies out on so many things, he is the ultimate douche-bagula
by McPimping June 20, 2009
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