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Usually an item worn, carried, or used by a douche. Ming these items are:
-popped polo shirt collars
-backwards hats* (usually with stickers still on them)
-Nike elite backpacks
-Nike socks and sandals
-usually some sort of bracelet or a puka shell necklace
Combine these along with cargo shorts, and you have created a "TurboDouche". TurboDouche will not only make YOU leave your girlfriend, he will also fuck her on your bed.

*hats must be spun 180 degrees in order to become douchey. Anything more or less is most likely a joke, or the person is a hip DJ.
Dan: "Holy shit, Rob. Is Steven wearing a polo with his collar popped?"
Rob: "yeah, along with those godawful Nike knee socks and a puka shell necklace. Give him a few weeks, and he'll spend his beer money on more of those douche accessories. After that, he'll become a TurboDouche."
Dan: "I'll have to fuck my girlfriend while I can!"
by andrew hoogelfloogel October 22, 2014
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