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Term used to connote the ultimate douchery (i.e., when "douche canoe" or "douche rocketry" does not sufficiently capture a person douchiness).
Congrats, Wayne. You are now officially a douche yacht.
by solegit1234 February 19, 2014
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1. It's a very wealthy douchecanoe.

2. person lacking the class, manners , decorum and general intelligence that their social position would normally exhibit.

3. largest stage in the douche continuum which denones a person exhibiting improper behaviour.

A: douche or douchebag
B: douchecanoe
C: doucheyacht
Donald Trump yet again shows how much of a doucheyacht he is.
by AnmaN June 05, 2017
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Kevin "Yo, last night Devra shot me with her douche after I told her she stank."
Jordan "Daammn yo, you got douche yachted."
by selfhatingjew April 09, 2011
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