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What appears to be a city away from the world-famous strip where people live, is in fact a very large Ed Hardy influenced gathering of tribal-tatooed, pierced/gauged-out douche bags/bagettes.

The day to day focus of life in Douche Vegas is to act as though you're the richest douche in town.

Douche Vegas's metropolitain area is a wasteland of lifeless plazas, saturated with smokeshops, nailsalons, and payday loan stores, to keep all the douches at their douchiest, by staying high all the time, to keep all the low-budget douches in the short trem credit trap, and to keep the douche bagette's toe's looking their best, since the bagette's official footwear is flip flops all year, rain or shine.

It's noted that the two happiest days of living in Douche Vegas for anyone other than a douche are the first and last.
If you aren't a well-to-do, rude, obnoxious, arrogant douche bag/bagette...or at least a blinged-out poser wannabe on dubs, take my word for don't want to live in Douche Vegas
by Worldhead November 30, 2009
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