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Same Term As Douche But adding The Ending of a Movie in it.
Dude You Are such a fucking Douche Bigalow!
by Anarchy! August 19, 2007
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Someone who is so good a being a douche, they should be whored out. The douche of all douches.
-I told my ex wife I was going to a concert.
-I asked if she could take our son that day.

-She said she was also going to that concert.
-I sold my tickets to be with my son.
-She LIED.
by thetruthisabitch May 13, 2010
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Insult for someone clumsy.

A word for a manwhore or whore that does shifty things with many people.

Word making fun of the movie Duece Bigalow.
person 1:(spills drink on friend)
Person 2: "Way to go douchebigalow."

"Get the fuck out of here you douchebigalow."
by Jesth April 27, 2007
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a very boring fuckface who is dating your best friend. usually a boy. he is freakishly annoying. you want to light them on fire. you usually get the urge to flip them off or constantly piss them off.
*you are at my house. dont flip me off. ughh you are sucha douche bigalow.
by purplegirl(: July 29, 2010
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