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A douche unit is any person or thing, who's apparent assigned task in life, is to be a douche. they may perform very well or very badly at this, but the important thing, is that they are a douche most or all of the time, on a regular basis. they may wake up in the morning, and begin douching, as in, blowing nonsense bullshit everywhere, and then sucking shit afterwards. this process is repeated until they are killed, or locked in a soundproof room, or are distracted and find douchination elsewhere.
"Mike is a solid douche unit, it's really apparent he is only here to be a slimefuck"

"I tried to get to work on time today but a douche unit kept trying to pull over in the middle of the road to look at bullshit"

"Your order would be ready today, except a douche unit was involved in inventory control and shit went down, and up again"
by ApoC_101 October 24, 2007
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1. A group of 2 or more people who, when by themselves, would each be individually referred to as douches and or douche bags.

2. An individual who by themselves would be what is called a Super Douche.
My boyfriend and his friends are a total Douche Unit when they hang out.

OMG, the guy that hit on me at the bar was a total DOUCHE UNIT!
by The Mouse they call Mighty November 30, 2011
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