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A material possession or human being that is coveted by a douche bag; especially blue jeans with ass-pocket embroidery.

Anything that ornaments the skin, body parts or vehicles of one who is considered to be a douche bag.
"He is an army of one fighting a war with himself and all he has to show for it is that douche badge"
by Glubglubber April 21, 2010
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Phrase meaning that a deceased cannot rest in peace until society changes due to the circumstances of a death.
People said rest in power for the unarmed man had been shot by the police.
by FooBarBiz October 12, 2017
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Any collection of bro-esque bumper stickers compiled on the back of any lifted truck. (I.E. Famous, Fox Racing, Liquid Force, Calvin peeing on rival truck company, Monster Energy, Skin, SRH)
"Yo brody! I just got this dope ass F-350, all murdered out and shit, with a phatty Affliction decal on the back window!"

"Nice man, but I think you ruined it with that douche badge on the back."
by Ihatebrotown August 12, 2008
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What a corporate ID badge becomes when worn on a belt or lanyard, especially while not in the office or on campus. Keep that shit in your wallet, nobody cares where you work.
Wow, this starbucks is full of Microsofties and their blue douchebadges.
by dashtrash July 20, 2010
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The badge of the douche. Any accessory that makes the wearer look like a self-important idiot.
-Lisa always walks around with her bluetooth earpiece in her ear, even when she's not on the phone.
-I know, it's totally her douchebadge.
by L.M. Aut August 23, 2007
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Any visible accessory (t-shirt, tat, jewelry, bumper sticker, etc) that would clearly indicate that a guy is a douche bag.
girl1: "I can't believe that guy asked me out and then hooked up with my roommate the same day."

girl2: "Why not? You didn't notice the naked tat of his ex on his forearm? I saw that douche badge a mile away."
by protien0g March 31, 2009
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A badge awarded to anyone who displays flagrant stupidity. Historically it has a picture of Mark Allen, a real fag, on it but that's not always true. The application of this badge can be slapped on the forehead, taped on their back, or stapled to the door to their room. The classic way to apply one is to apply glue to the back of it, point over the suspect's shoulder and say, "look its a squirrel." When they look apply it with a swift smack to the cheek to make sure it sticks.
Crashing two different cars, none of them yours, certainly deserves a Douche Badge.
by Anonymous November 03, 2003
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