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Double Shocker, or DoubleShocker was the name of a rock band in Phoenix, AZ. The band played for about 3 years predominantly in the metro-Phoenix area, from 2001-2004. You can still hear samples of their work on myspace. Look for doubleshocker and you'll find them.

They named the band after getting terribly drunk, and thinking that the beloved sexual act of placing your index and middle finger into the vagina along with your pinky in the ass seemed like a strong foundation on which to build the band's infamy.

Alas, they were mistaken, and after only a few years of playing the scene were disbanded.

Other terms for DoubleShocker or Double Shocker include:

- Two in the Pink One in the Stink
- Two in the Goo One in the Poo
- Two in the Clam One in the Ham

The list can go on forever.
That band sounds great... just like DoubleShocker did back in 2003!


That girl is dirty - I hear he prefers the DoubleShocker!
by doubleshocker November 15, 2007
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Invented by MADebito of IRC, the Double shocker is the regular shocker. Pink in anus, 2 fingers in the vagina...but...The use of the Thumb to massage the clitoris is applied.
Oh my god! I just had to mother fucking orgasms! Thanks alot double shocker!

Osama bin Laden!
by Carlow Motowski February 28, 2005
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It's like the shocker but you have to pot your pinky and your ring finger in the girls butt. The two fingers in the womans vagina are just a normal fingerbanging technique so the real shocking part is the pinky in the butthole. Therefore putting your ring finger and your pinky in the girls ass makes it the double shocker
All the ladies are shocked by the double shocker
by benito October 07, 2004
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