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The polar opposite of the Double Rainbow: A double dose of depression to the point of suicide.

Triple RainCloud will result in spontaneous death and possible combustion.

Alternatively, a historical Indian Chief who peed and shat on tribesmen while they slept.
Double Raincloud: Jimmy was on his way home and got into an accident with the milkman who has been sleeping with his wife. Jimmy was at fault and has to pay for all of the damages. The milk man takes his wife to Greece with the extra cash.

Possible triple raincloud (instant death): Wife leaves Jimmy for the milkman, finds out his kids were the milkman's, and is forced by the courts to pay child support.

Possible triple raincloud (instant death with combustion): Milkman sends email to Jimmy with explicit pictures of him Tri-bagging his wife (and kids) in Greece.

Full on Triple raincloud-all the way across the sky:
Jimmy tries to sue milkman for child abuse and loses despite photo evidence. Beacause the judge happened to be the milkmans father and took the pictures thus making them inadmissable in court.
by Amarci_ano July 29, 2010
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