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Double texting (but on like Instagram or snapchat), is when you dm a girl and she leaves you on read; and you're thinking that she must have been too busy or just doesn't know of your pure magnificence, knowing this, you decide to act.

She couldn't possibly NOT be interested, and in thinking this, being either being too dumb, awkward, or confident to know that she just isn't interested, you dm her a second time, very seldom will you succeed in getting anything back.

Pulling a double dm should not be attempted unless you are the modern Shakespeare guru of the direct message. To find out if you are... pretty sure a modern Shakespeare guru wouldn't start with "Hey" so if you did, chances are, you just aren't interesting and probably shouldn't try a double dm.

A third dm is the maximum level of dm's you can get away with in a row, exceeding this labels you as a thirsty gaping butthole and the Jehovah's Witness of the direct messaging world (for real stop knocking on her door). DO NOT ATTEMPT unless you are dm Jesus himself and have come back on the third text. If it is just the third "Hey" in a row, you'll need him bro
-"UGH, is that Clay again? That's the second "hey" in a row!"
-"OMG, he's pulling a double dm? And its "hey"? boriiiing..."
- "I know right?"
by Brolympian18 December 05, 2017
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