Verb. The desperately intense observation of your smart phone screen message thread, as you wait in hope for a reply from someone you are romantically engaged with.
I spent Saturday night Dot watching again, what did you do?
by hc88 July 3, 2015
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Waiting for an Middle Eastern person and to finally come to the decision to purchase a product. Taking for ever and asking for the best deal five times in a row. Commonly found in retail sales.
" what are you doing? I'm dot watching he has been staring at the same phone for 45 minutes and asked if they come unlock. He also wants a good phone that's under $100."
by Dot Watching July 20, 2015
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It means to watch the 3 dots on iMessage that mean the other person is still replying
I'm dot watching to see when Gabby replies.
by Gabby_roxxexe November 24, 2015
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