A clever fusion of the words "Doro" and "Bucci" first used and then popularised by one of Africa's foremost Music Producers, Don Jazzy alongside his Mavins Crew.

"Bucci" describes a thing or activity that is pleasing and fun. A fantastic or awesome person, thing or moment.

"Doro" is a personification of these attributes of awesomeness, fun and pleasure. Doro is all round perfection.

"DoroBucci" is then safely concluded to mean the very essence of "Human" perfection. The suggestion that "DoroBucci" refers to some god or is a comparison to God is thus misleading as The Mavins throughout the song used the term in comparison to Worldly things and attributes.
Femi: Man, that Chuks dey worry oh! He topped all courses last session.

Onos: Yeah, I know of that. Learnt he would also be crowned Mr. DELSU very soon as none of the other contestants stands any chance against him.

Oluchi: Oh! Talk of the devil! There goes Chuks driving to the library.. such a cutie <3 <3

From the above scenario, Chuks is a Dorobucci within his campus environment.
by StonedAttorney June 21, 2014
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Doro means a person or people, like "You" "Me" "They", "It". Doro would be a noun.

A person can be described as Bucci, which means rich, hot, fine, wealthy, and etc. Bucci is an Adjective.
Skales: How do I look today man?

Fuse: My friend you look Doro Fine.

Iyanya: You look Dorobucci now
by TheQueenBAfrica December 30, 2019
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