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Dork muffin is a term used to describe someone who is unbelievably-- Nay, outrageously awesome. So awesome is such a person that you would want to spend the rest of your life with them. They know no limits in their sense of humor. Last but not least of all, they taste sensationally delicious. Once you have tasted a dork muffin, it is rumored by the lucky few that have tasted them that you could never go back. Ever. Derived from 2 words, ironically happening to be both "dork" and "muffin" , few have yet lived long enough to achieve a title of such grandeur.

Among the few who have been able to achieve the novel title of dork muffin are the Green Ranger, Victor, smexy Jason and <3Jen<3. Forever will their names be etched into history as the most awesome people not only on Earth, but also the coolest gangstas of the highest degree.
person #1: I sure am bored and hungry today.
person #2: As am I, fellow human brethren.
dork muffin: Eat me!
person #1: Uh... What do you mean by that?
person #2: Were you being rude or did you mean it literally?
dork muffin: ;D <333
person #1: Now you are not even speaking English anymore.
person #2: 'Tis true. But my cravings for fun and hunger have been satisfied. This... Person is exquisitely delicious. Thank you-- *looks at name tag* Dork muffin.
dork muffin: ; *opens up mouth and shoots corn at persons #1 and 2*
person #1: Corn! One of my many weaknesses!
person #2: I... *dead*
person #1: I will avenge your death #2! *dead*
dork muffin: And all is well in the world. <3
by HappySkies September 02, 2007
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To have the absence of all common thought and to be so dorky one does not deserve to be called a dork, otherwise the word dork alone would not be able to fathom the dorktitude of the person.
"What do you mean you forgot the milk? You are such a dorkmuffin."
by chloeiscoolio March 11, 2009
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Someone who is totally awesome, funny, melts your heart, cute, and tastes like yummers.
My sweetie Jen is such a dork muffin, but that is why I love her. *kisses her* Yummers... ;D
by HappySkies September 02, 2007
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