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Pronounced "Door-fuss"
1) Someone who is incredibly annoying. Usually older and/or younger siblings, co-workers, etc.
2) An obnoxious gloat. Commonly stuck up snobs or jerks.
3) A person who is just plain stupid. Commonly referred to as a numb skull, bonehead or idiot.

The goal of a "dorfis" is to annoy you. Some may be trying to annoy you on purpose, while others may not even realize they are being a dorfis.

Plural: Dorfi (Pronounced "Door-Fy")
"Sorry, my brother is being such a dorfis today."

"This guy at work was being really annoying today. What a dorfis!"

"I encountered a dorfis on my way here."

"Did you see that group of dorfi at the party last night?"
by A Person From Middle Earth January 01, 2014
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