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When a motorist (usually parked) carelessly throws his or her car door open in the way of an oncoming cyclist who then crashes into the door.
I was biking down broad when some lady door checked the shit out of me. I wish she wasn't so stupid.
by kailpur December 13, 2010
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The act of driving close to the sidewalk, when a pedestrian enters striking distance, the person in the passenger's seat throws the door open hitting the pedestrian.

Another variation is the "Pump Fake Door Check". It requires two passengers. The person in the front throws their door open just wide enough to make the pedestrian flinch, then they close their door. The passenger in the back seat then hits the pedestrian with his door even harder. Everyone in the car then screams, "That's two for flinching!"
Strong: "Dude! Door Check that mail man!"
Turner: "....i think we killed that guy."
by Chris Pence March 31, 2011
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pronounced (dough check)a warning. busting someone out when they did something wrong and you let them know by door checking them.
mary, door check,i know you snitching. Stay away from me.
by myshyty3 January 07, 2009
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