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1. A massive undersea oil plume that threatens to destroy marine life for thousands of square miles, even though it's not visible from the surface.

2. The biggest environmental threat from the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

3. Out of sight, out of mind? Not so much.
The Doom Plume from BP's Deepwater Horizon pipe is spreading fast. It could reach as far as the Atlantic Coast of Florida and Mexico's Riviera Maya.
by Peter Kobs May 16, 2010
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a dark lingering mass; usually eminating from a putrid gastric bowel movement; the stench from a black goo that typically leaves its assailant with a 'churnobally' sensation in the gut.
the assailant: "dude, I don't feel so good"

the victim: "omg, what the fuck was that?"

the assailant: "augh, sorry man - I let go of a doom plume"
by zap cigar December 12, 2010
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