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Most people think a doctor has to be a person who helps sick people get better. That's the general idea, but some of them don't get people better. Maybe they are pushing the latest drug that they got free from a drug rep, and the drug is more dangerous than the sickness it's supposed to cure. Maybe they have been at the pop for so long that they can't even read a thermometer let alone their own case notes. Maybe they are religiously persuaded that sin causes some sickness and the sick people need Jesus. Who knows?

But they don't do their job. They are doodle docs.
Willy: I went into surgery and came out with half the surgeons' tools still inside me. Oh, sure, they took'em out. But I will never play the violin again.

Henrietta: Damn those doodle docs

Willy: But you should see my court settlement. I'm richer than the entire hospital staff.

Henrietta: Ah, dear, let me give you a hug.
by verbusaccidentibus August 07, 2010
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