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A jar used to discreetly hide marajuana and to eliminate the scent. Commonly used by teens so they do not get caught by their parents.
Tim's parents smelt the weed in his pocket, he needs a doobie toobie.
by Mossworth RandΓ€ll November 29, 2016
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noun: an invention made by stoners to deter the smell of marijuana. Commonly used while smoking weed in a place of residence.

It is made using an empty toilet paper roll, with bounce (dryer) sheets stuffed inside. Depending on preference, the one end of the tube can be creased inwards so that it molds to the mouth while you blow out the smoke.

see also: doob tube
I stuffed my doobie toobie with 10 mountain breeze bounce sheets.

You never would've thought that a pothead would be smart enough to invent something so randomly cool.
by ae123456 January 19, 2009
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