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Any loud, ghetto girl with no class from the hood.

You know you're a doodoo mamma if: wear babyphat, applebottoms, rocawear etc think wearing a fake gold chain with your name on it is cute have multiple glitter graphics of things such as cherries, playboy bunnies and hearts on your myspace

4.people cover their ears when you talk to them cus you're too loud or your friends names are jaquita, takeesha, latika, or bodalilaquisha have lots of myspace pictures with the same pose; a pose consisting of you puffing your lips out, throwing up a peace sign and looking away from the camera let guys grab your booty get straight f's in school wear so much lipgloss that your lips look like you just ate a bucket of oily fried chicken

10.the only dance moves you know are jerkin', the lean wit it rock wit it and walk it out

11.your myspace name is something like Da QueEn B or dAt nUmba 1 giRl y@ diGg send texts written with random capitalization and lots of mispelled words.
Doo Doo Mamma #1: Im fit to buy me some Fubu jeans on friday for $3

Doo Doo Mamma #2: Damn girl, you lucky. I would go with you but i got to go to court to get that child support from my baby daddy Devonte
by bear15 May 20, 2009
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