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The Donkey Gene (or DG for short) is an inheritable trait that is most noticeable in white trash families. It is believed that all people are born with the Donkey Gene but your upbringing determines if the DG lies dormant or if it becomes active. If you are raised by a jackass who makes poor decisions then odds are, you will learn these undesirable decision making skills and thus the DG will most likely be activated.

Occasionally DG anomalies can occur. This is where people who are brought up by well rounded responsible parents somehow obtain an active DG. Conversely, people whose parents are complete morons sometimes manage to become responsible adults and break the DG cycle. Scientists have yet to determine why this happens
Jack: Hey did you hear that Sally spent her tax return on a new stereo instead of fixing the busted out window in her trailer?

Jill: No, but that doesn't surprise me, last year she bought rims for her car even though the muffler was hanging off and the whole thing is held together by Bondo! I'm telling you, she's got the Donkey Gene!
by ScooterGurrl March 10, 2008
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