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NOTE: Albeit limited to only two known positions, there is considerable scholarly debate regarding the appropriate definition of this entry. In an effort to maintain neutrality, the interpretations of both factions are offered.

1. n. More or less synonymous with Donk Slayer. A subtle distinction may be found in approach however: "Tamers" typically exhibit more class perhaps, and are less likely to be cruel or derogatory in the application of their skill.

2. n. A man, a hero, a selfless human being that regularly partakes in the perilous pursuit of entertaining, and at times consummating, the advances of the Swamp Donkey in an effort to bolster a friend's or friends' chances with one or several of the Donk's hottie female companions. See take one for the team; jump on the grenade.
1. James was too drunk, and probably made a fool of himself on the dance floor, but his prowess, care and precision as a Donk Tamer was undeniable, if not enviable.

2. Though Matt was ecstatic to be going home with Christina that night, he couldn't help but feel for his buddy Bryan; the hapless Donk Tamer who had sacrificed so, so much for him to score.
by Cieron April 21, 2006
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