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Don Quixoday is a celebration of all things Don Quixote. Regardless of his non-Mexican background, Don Quixote was sure to have loved many Mexican things, such as margaritas, coronitas, and tacquitos; as a result, Don Quixoday heavily involves all of these things. There is no set date for the holiday, but it should be celebrated no less than once every month.


The first Don Quixoday took place on March 29, 2008, in the West Apartment of John B. and Matthew K., the two founders of the holiday. Motivated by their fondness of Mexican delicacies and love for partying, these two innovative men decided it was time for someone to take a stand for what they believed in. Thus, they went out and bought tequila, margarita mix, chips and salsa, tacquitos, and a variety of other Mexican foods that can be found in any local supermarket. Next, they kidnapped the young men who would soon become their followers and follow supporters of the holiday: Matthew S., Jonathan K., and George A. Armed with a deep love of fun and a very limited knowledge of Don Quixote, these brave souls bonded together with a plethora of acquaintances for a legendary day of drinking, and Don Quixoday was born.

How to Celebrate

There are a number of key elements involved in having a successful and enjoyable Don Quixoday. First and foremost, the traditional foods and beverages of the holiday MUST be present. For more information on this, please refer to the Traditional Foods & Beverages section. Second, you should make sure you have enough food and drinks aside from the tradition for everyone. If anyone is either not sufficiently full or not belligerently drunk by the end of the day, you have not had enough and your attempt at replicating the holiday was a failure. Third, it would be very intelligent to involve some sort of entertainment, such as a movie. A recent favorite has been "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." Finally, and this should go unsaid, you must be in good company. Anyone who is not fun must be removed.

Traditional Foods & Beverages

-Mini Tacos
-Chips and Salsa
We drank margaritas and ate tacquitos on Don Quixoday.
by Fighter of the Night Man September 25, 2008
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