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The compulsory reaction of looking in a direction when admonished against it.
Instances of Don't Look Reflex:

e.g. #1
Jimmy: Ok, I'm taking off my towel now... nobody look!

(Billy instantly swivels his head around)

Jimmy: What the hell, Billy, You are such a fag! Why would you do that?

Billy (in horror): I.... don't know..... Am I gay?

e.g. #2
Tour guide: And now we are approaching the lion's den, where my partner Tom is attempting to feed the... oh my gosh, people, DON'T LOOK!!!!

(everyone in the tour immediately looks)

Little Girl: Daddy, why are the man's arms and legs playing hide and go seek? And why is he feeding the lion pasta off his belly?
by achilles27 May 11, 2009
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