A phrase to define the new policy of not "outing" someone by asking, "Did you just fart?" Not asking someone or a roomful of people, who farted is politically correct. The person who ripped it, dealt it, or pushed it, may have a medical issue the casuses he/she to expell rancid gas at semi-regular intervals. Moreover the guilty party may be very shy and "outing" them might cause mental trauma that would far exceed the mental and physical anguish of "just smelling".
I was at a meeting the other day when Bob let out an SBDF. I thought I was going to die. I was just about to "out" him on it, but then I thought, "What about Bob's feelings?". He's been having a rough time at home and with his Irratable Bowel Syndrome, I thought it prudent to practice "Don't Ask, Just Smell".
by BigBlackBlick December 28, 2011
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