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Probably a snarky spanish teacher who thinks that nobody should know about his personal life. He wants a rolex and gucci merch from his students and he is very sassy as well. He is also known as DP or Donny P. He doesn't like social interaction and hates spanish honors
"Look there's Don Pablo, better watch out, he'll say mean things."
by WhotfNeedsToKnowThis December 12, 2018
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More polite way of sayingtaking a dump.’
I’m currently taking a Don Pablo, so I’ll call you when I’m done, if everything comes out well.
by Seamless78 August 25, 2018
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Don Pablo is a hero. A reformed member of the mafia, he was once the lightweight wrestling champion. His short blue body weighs a mere 65 pounds, but he lives in a weight room, so he is pure muscle. He inspires little kids to not smoke marijuana, and to take care of their bodies. Young adolecents have picked him up and dropped him, hugged him, and even tackled him clear out of anothers arms. He to this day wears his comical grin, no matter the circumstances. I believe that Don Pablo is quite possibly the coolest person I know, so I think that you should go give him a hug.
Random Kid: Hey let's go visit Don Pablo!
Other Kid: Who's that?
Random Kid: You don't know Don Pablo.
(Random Kid bitch slaps Other Kid and storms off to see Don Pablo)
by Hector Sala December 01, 2005
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