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A boy that seems shy at first, but once you get to know him he is open and fun. If you become his friend, you will know he is nice, funny and sensitive. He’s been hurt before and doesn’t want anyone to go through the pain he did. He will be extremely caring for his friends. He can be immature at times but is overall mature. He won’t really trust anyone unless you are his good friend because he has been let down too many times before. Wise, and you can take any advice from him. Overall a really caring person. He is the bestest friend you could ever get in the world. They are very supportive and will always be there for you. He doesn’t and won’t take bullshit. He will look after you. He can be the most funniest person and still be serious at the same time. He can make your day in less than one minute. If you have a Domynik as a friend you are very lucky and should take good care of him.
Girl 1: I was talking to this boy and he was perfect. He was so nice, funny, gentle and caring. He was like the guy of my dreams!

Girl 2: He sounds like he might be a Domynik.
by Rando Joe June 27, 2018
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