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A medical condition originated from the name of a self-entitled prick. The person suffering from this condition begins to show hyper-selfish behavior, often reality seems blurred to them and the being hallucinating into their own world where everything revolves around them and every person does what they tell them to do.
"Oh, he keeps arguing on the fact with no reasoning though specialists have explained it to him, Domsyndrome is really spreading fast"

"He started talking about how he created the seven wonders, sad how Domsyndrome has taken over him"
by notrachit May 19, 2018
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Dom Syndrome is a mental illness that seems very similar to Down Syndrome but without the obvious physical features. It can be brought on by smoking large quantities of weed. They tend to think that they are God's gift to women without any actual evidence that this is the case.
Female 1 "Why is that boy dancing at me in that peculiar fashion? I wish that he would stop."
Female 2 " Just smile at him and nod. That boy has Dom Syndrome"
Female 1 "Oki, but if he touches me then I'm slapping him"
by ihatemymeds May 24, 2011
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