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A person who is known as plane boring and according to the star sign will become a crazy cat person who stays a virgin their whole life...but also works in an office.
Their idea of a raging Saturday night is sitting down with their 20cats reading a book about romance and misery.
This may be because of their lack of friends and support, consequently causing them to go to a book for help that is needed.(for example how to kiss a girl)even though this may never be needed.some even say they have seen the rare sight of a foot of the one and only Dominic summers of which has cheese and mould growing on it. This needs high maintenance daily. His long locks tend to attract many but none intentionally as they are of the same gender, therefore causing him to question his sexuality.
In despite of all of his flaws he does have one good feature which is known as mugglenuffing(the ability to walk and spin around using his dick) this may only be seen when using a magnifying glass.
You are honestly acting like a Dominic summers right now.
by Jamieee03 March 24, 2019
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