Anyone you're living with who won't let you sleep, give you privacy, makes too much noise, tries to throw cock blocks when you have someone you're interested in over, borrows your clothes without asking, takes up too much time in the bathroom, has their obnoxious friends over too much and is basically a pain in the ass to live with. These people are usually not right in the head or have a substance abuse issue or is just plain old inconsiderate. Any intolerable child.
My roomate makes too much noise when I'm trying to sleep. She's a domestic terrorist.
Dennise is a domestic terrorist. She tries to wear my sexy underwear and tries to steal my boyfriends.
I won't babysit that loud-ass kid. He's a domestic terrorist.
My husband always has the TV up too loud. He's a domestic terrorist.
I had to break up with Danny because he'd get drunk at night and do a bunch of noisy and obnoxious shit so I couldn't sleep. He is a domestic terrorist.
by MadamexXx February 09, 2009
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Any executive within the Banking, Mortgage or Insurance industries that, despite their own failed job performance, still believe they should be grossly over-compensated at the expense of stockholders, or more recently, taxpayers, via bailout monies.
Executives at AIG are a prime example of a Domestic Financial Terrorist (DFT's). After they run their company into the ground, they keep their job then pay themselves millions of taxpayer bailout money as a bonus.

Also known as Poo-Flinging-Office-Monkeys.(No offense to monkeys, they likely would have done a better job running AIG).
by Meeray March 17, 2009
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