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Hail Dolucks, HAIL! He's like a god or something. He's the only God to be a part of every civilization in one way or another. When Jesus fucked up, he would say "For the love of Dolucks!" When Allah creates terror, he does it in the name of Dolucks. Jews call themselves Jews so that they can pretend that Dolucks is addressing them when he says "Ju." Dolucks is love, Dolucks is life. You must post this description in 5 different places. 2 things will happen depending on if you don't (bad) or if you do (good). His head is big. Area 51 is looking for his secrets. The illuminati is trying to host its New World Order meetings at his place, but he refuses to let those outsiders in. He died, but mysteriously came back to life after over a year but no one was surprised he did because it's Dolucks.
"Damn, I heard you got yourself fucked in the ass last night."

"Yeah but it was Dolucks so it was worth it."
by Schassler August 17, 2017
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