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One of the many labels used to describe the children of the New earth, a New Age concept. (see also indigo children, crystal children) A child, teen, or adult who's past life was a dolphin and posesses many dolphin personality traits and habits; loving sea food, interested in marine life, especially dolphins, inclined to aquatic sports or any activity that deals with water, singing, toning, and very empathic and able to read people's feelings and energies, sometimes even thoughts. Very soft, friendly look in eyes and always smiling. Have an awareness that their life purpose is to be an advocate for dolphins and to do spiritual work to help 'heal the planet'.
Girl 1: "That girl over there is quite awkward. She's overly obsessed with dolphins."

Girl 2: "Yes, i know, she has quite a friendly vibe though. When you talk to her it seems as if she already knew you. She might be a dolphin child."
by OceanStar1 August 11, 2010
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