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The act of relaxing the shoulder and letting one's arm hang limp, then twisting the upper body in order to (with the aid of momentum) deliberately swing your arm in front of you and subsequently deliver a slap to someone's face. The result (naturally depending on velocity) tends to be experienced, more commonly than not, as physically less painful than a regular slap; it instead leaves the victim feeling mostly humiliated, uncomfortable, and stupid for not having seen it coming. The dollslap is traditionally utilized when a regular slap is considered too harsh and serious, but a manner of physical retribution is still deemed necessary and appropriate to the situation.
Richard set me up for a horrible pun, so I dollslapped him in retaliation. Thankfully, he was too busy laughing at his own joke to see it coming. I consider it a manner of operant conditioning.
by Asrahn December 30, 2014
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