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Dollie Mod isn't just a look or a trend (which is gonna be huge btw) it's a way of life.
A Dollie Mod must appear totally innocent and uber feminine but, she must also be able to stand up for herself if the occasion arises, and be mentally and physically strong i.e be able to pack a good punch.
Dollie's are domestic goddesses. They bake, they're caring, and they embrace the retro style of legendary glamourous actresses such as, Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.
And despite what you may think Dollie Mod's are NOT just a wannabe teeny bopper version of 'scene/emo kids'.
So who, I hear you ask, is THE Dollie Mod girl? Well...

~ Anything pastel coloured
~ Old-skool cartoon logo tee's. Such My Little Pony, Care Bears, and many Manga style cartoons. A Dollie Mod however will NOT spend a fortune on a tee from a high-street store that LOOKS vintage. She will scout round charity shops for the real thing.
~ Skirts...must be on the knee or above. Pleated or denim.
~ Cut off/footless tights or short leggings to be worn under said skirt.
~ Converse all-stars...any style. Low-tops, high-tops or ultra high tops.
~ Flats. Must be pastel coloured, polka dot or ballet shoe style.
~ Baggy jeans. Worn on the hips with a belt to keep in place. Knicker waistband will usually be seen poking out over top of jeans slightly.

~ Bows. EVERYWHERE! In your hair, on hair clips, around your wrist, on shoes, on bags. All in pastel colours or black ofcourse.
~ Fake pearl necklaces in all pastel colours.
~ Alice bands. To appear even more cute and innocent.
~ Chipped nail varnish on short nails. In pastel colours, and ofcourse black.
~ Bangles, of the chunky plastic kind.
~ Very obvious fake bling. Think huge fake diamonds, diamnte braclets, brightly coloured plastic beaded braclets and chunky platic rings resembling those you get from 20p machines, in Xmas Crackers, or a box of CrackerJack.

~ Highly curled, long eyelashes. e.g Twiggy or Blythe Dolls.
~ Lots of kohl eyeliner.
~ Pink blusher on the apples of the cheeks. A la Anna from The OC.
~ Light eyeshadow. e.g white, baby pink, lilac etc.
~ Pale lipstick worn in the centre of lips for a more dramatic look or all over for a normal Dollie look. Also scented lip balms or pearlescent lip balms are a favourite with Dollie Mods.

*The Music*
~ Basically anything that can be classed as pop but VERY borderline. e.g. Le Tigre, Ashlee Simpson, Rooster etc.
~ 80's Techno Pop
~ Indie bands containing rugged young gentlemen you wouldn't have a problem with taking home to your mum. e.g. Kaiser Chiefs, The Bravery, The Killers etc.
~ Boybands from the 90's. Mainly for reminiscing purposes such as Backstreet Boys, A1, Five, Boyzone...and more recently McFly.
~ All Girl rockbands. Dollie Mods are part of the Girl Revolution and therefore embrace all to do with it. They support bands such as The Donnas, Miss T and the Japanese Tourists, The Intimates. However they condem musicians such as 50 Cent and Nelly etc who exploit the female species and insist on having women jiggling about in bikinis in their videos.

*The Way of Life*
~ Gigs, gigs and more gigs. Mainly in smaller clubs surrounding their place of residence, supporting local bands. But also in larger venues with more renowned bands.
~ Innocence is the key! There is nothing a bit of eyelash fluttering and cute smiling can't solve when you're a Dollie Mod. Dollie Mods appaear innocent, quiet and generally sweet people when you first meet one, but around their friends they become hyper, giggling and generally being girls.
~ Charity shops. The caring personality of a Dollie Mod is reflected in her love for charity shops. You can make your look truly unique with charity shop finds and your money goes to a good cause. Perfect! :)
~ Making necklaces/braclets from bits of old tat. For fellow Dollie Mods and also for themselves.
~ Talking on the phone for hours.
~ Speaking your mind and using your innocence to get away with it if you offend anyone.
~ Also using your innocence to get what you want.
~ Being cute and naive but also being surprisingly innocent to those who think you're "just a dumb girl".
~ Dancing in the street with fellow Dollie Mods, and also singing at opportune moments.
~ Watching Cartoons. e.g. Powerpuff Girls, Care Bears, Power Rangers (when Kimberly, Billy and Zac were still in it), Pokemon, Dexters Lab, Rugrats and As Told by Ginger.
~ Drinking everything through a straw (within reason ofcourse). This allows you to pout more often and retai your innocent persona but also, helps prevent cavaties because the liquid instantly passes them by.
~ Shopping. Even if it's popping down to the newsagent for a pin of milk, the weekly food shop with your parents or parading about town on the hunt for some shoes with your girlfriends. Dollie Mods LOVE to shop. And (as I said up there somewhere ^^) a handbag that matches your outift is a must.
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