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A condition that occurs when people become so entranced in watching television or playing at the computer that they appear like dolls, staring off into the distance.

Affected individuals become seemingly immobile and do not respond to any outside stimuli.

People will less serious symptoms might still mutter "mmhmm" or "yup" in response to another person speaking to them, even though they haven't really heard them.

More serious symptoms include loss of the ability to blink, dry eyes, loss of weight, loss of sleep, and inability to respond to most stimuli.

Doll Syndrome is usually fixed by turning off the source, usually a television or computer.
Mother: He just sits there all day. He doesn't even get up to eat or sleep anymore! What could be wrong with him?

Doctor: It appears that your son has a bad case of Doll Syndrome.

Father: Did you mow the lawn yet today?

Son: Mmhmm.

Father: It doesn't look like you did!

Son: Yup...

Father: Damnit! Put down that game and listen to me!

Son: Mmhmm...
by Fina1 November 13, 2008
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