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when someone is asked a very straight forward question, & the person 'doing a rew' mumbles something irrelevant, often including the word darling, laughs & confuses the inquirer to the point they forgot they asked a question in the first place.

Often caused by smoking a lot of weed and excess amounts off awesome.
you: are you high?
person doing a rew: um well ahh oh darling, you'd love to know, ahh hahaha umm well I'm always high! no I'm joking I've never been high in my life! no joking dear haha *mumbling something you don't understand* haha well *more mumbling* *something irrelevant* *complete bullshit*
you: wut
person doing a rew:hahaha what darling?
you: *walks away confused*
by Popss July 06, 2012
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