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Doing a Gibby

This refers to the process where an individual fails to take things as far as they possibly could. This may be for several reasons including: a fear of the unknown; a lack of willingness to commit and/or a shear lack of golf balls. Repeatedly doing a Gibby can often lead to ridicule from friends and those closest to you but they do this purely for your benefit and with no ulterior motive.

Can also be used to describe doing random or slightly camp actions , such as giving oddballs lifts, drinking appletiser and lsitening to alphabeat.

Colloquial expression used predominantly in the West Coast of Scotland, in particular North Ayrshire where this form of action is often prevaelent.

"He could have had her."
"Yup, he's doing a Gibby."
by DaCorr February 04, 2009
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