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Context: 2020 refers to the year were it was proven in a life size experiment that Murphy's Law applies. Let us remember this adage: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong".
Adhering to its application, citing Peter Drucker regarding the dealing on complexity of management; <<Drucker's Law>>: "If one thing goes wrong, everything else will, and at the same time."
Tracking monthly we may even expand to the <<Finagle's law of dynamic negatives>> a.k.a British wider axiom<<Sod's law>>: "Anything that can go wrong, will—at the worst possible moment."

Related arguments:
- Australian bush fires/Kobe Bryant accident (the year started in mourn)
- Coronavirus pandemic
- Iran attacks US bases in Iraq / US kills Iranian general Iranian Qasem Soleimani (causing war fears)
- COVID-19 death toll rising (managing worldwide the pandemic)
- World's biggest lockdown (the management was poor)
- Olympics postponed (first time in history this major event is cancelled for other reasons than war)
- Bloodbath at the markets plummet
- Biggest Locust attacks (things going poorly at the worst possible moment)

<<Things went 2020>> already means by the end of June, as most of memes have pointed to "worst year ever - would not recomment", ranging from the fully active sci-fi to the epic post-apocalyptic world life.

Another applycation to this, is rephrasing or substituting "sh!t happens" or the current "F", massively and in all fronts.
- Don't worry, you will get out of this one, sh!t happens.
- I know bro, but right now it feel 2020 level sh!t all over.

- How is everything going at home?
- Man it is full 2020 here with the kids.

- I was so invested in that series and they are doing a 2020
- What?
- Yeah bro, they canceled it.

- How is your boyfriend doing?
- I had to brake up with him, he went 2020 last week.

- Dude what happened to your phone screen?
- I had it coming, girlfriend went 2020 on it over a joke.

- I had a feeling it would go 2020, everything was going too nice.

- I was in the zone! I don't know hwat happened.
- Bro 2020
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by Pp_punto July 01, 2020
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The acts of doing something shit or when something goes wrong and is completely shit, therefore ruined. Referring to the year 2020 (Australian Bushfires and Flood, World War III, Coronavirus and Killer Hornets)
"Fuck what is this a 2020"
"Don't make a 2020 out of this"

simply "doing a 2020"
by BigBoiGARRY May 07, 2020
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