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When a dog, more commonly young dog, takes advantage of being left unattended for hours, minutes, even milliseconds, and impulsively even frantically starts to swallow everything in site, specifically but not limited to, socks, shoes, garbage cans, cups, toilets, lamps, furniture legs, homework, condoms and the carpet.
Gus: Fucking Fuckā€¦.I leave the house to take out the trash and you DOGGULP the entire fuckin room?!?!

Tom a/k/a Dog: Initially runs to owner with tail wagging and Doggulping a camel back, sensing urgency dog quickly retreats to corner to get one last chew in.

Gus: Dude you had to zero in on another camel back? Shit Dog, 100% cagervention time for you!
by For Real2 August 12, 2011
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