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Once, in the Marmalade Forest on Happiness trail, there was a Doerun. Only one of these mythical fairy-lady creatures has been known to exist, and only one ever shall, for the Doerun is a once in a lifetime occurrence. Sprouting from the Fairy tree on the hills of Gol-noth, she bursts forth from the ground with instinctual knowledge of music, movies, books, and various juices... like apple, and orange. Her exquisite sense of design helps her to design her room. But only her own, for these traits are not able to be passed in any manner. The last known sighting of a Doerun was in 1947, when the people of the Japanese city of Hiroshima tried to capture her. Enraged, the Doerun then spent her extensive wrath on them. The Americans, in a war with the Japanese, used this as propaganda and took the blame, claiming they had created an "atomic bomb." This, of course, was untrue seeing as the last good thing that came out of America up to that time was the Slinky... Doerun is the cause of all happiness and joy in the world. It is said that one drop of her tears would cure sickness and pain, and stop Canadian advancement forever. It is a shame that this magical creature is so hardcore that she never cries. If you see a Doerun, you are already dead.
Example: The only example of a Doerun, is Doerun itself, for there isn't and never will be anything quite like this magical creature. Except for maybe Amy Adams... she's pretty close.
by J-Cro October 22, 2009
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