The beast of all other truck manufacturers. Although a ford owner will insult you on your Chevy, they all in all actually do have respect for your truck. In Ohio, almost everyone has a ford truck. Driving on a backload in your little honda civic, or your very own ford, you'll be passed by multiple f-150's, 250's, 350's before you spot another regular car. If you have a diesel, you're even cooler. Country boys have bets to see who can 'blow more smoke' out of theirs, and they haul everything you could need in the country. The truck makes your life on the farm ten times easier, plus you get chicks in your four wheel drive. It's a win-win.
If you own any ford trucks, you're tough. Built tough, ford tough.
by Hometown girl October 12, 2013
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The best all around vehicle for real men.
“Dude just bought a Ford Truck.” “No way! He must know what’s up!”
by JohnGalt95 December 30, 2022
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