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Internet Sensation discovered on the popular social media site BlogTV. Doddzyify is located in Victoria, Australia and although considers himself Australian, Is actually half New Zealander, yet he does not know what the NZ time difference is to Australia. Doddzyify will argue with anyone about anything, as he has done extensive research on both Yahoo Answers and Wikipedia and is completely competent knowledge in anything and everything. Doddzyify claims he resembles Silent Bob, and even refers to himself as such, However, By this logic, Anyone with long hair and a beard would also resemble Silent Bob. Doddzyify also holds the world championship for beat boxing. A simple youtube search on his name will give you an example of his expertise. Doddzyify is also addicted to Rockstar energy drinks, and has made youtube videos of him drinking two liters of them in one hit. Doddzyify also claims to be studying computers on a level III and IV Certification level, but does not understand basic computer shortcuts such as built in search functions on websites. He is also a champion Planker!
Doddzyify - "Silent bob's character weedman is not based on the batman character even tho he greatly resembles him, And until he tells me otherwise himself, I won't believe it is"
Doddzyify - "Rats are clean animals because Yahoo answers told me so. Despite what the government health websites say"
Doddzyify - "Just because I drink two liters of energy drinks on Youtube, doesn't mean people are going to think it's ok to do the same. I gave warning on my video to start off with one or two cans and work your way up once you become immuned"
by Silent 'Doddzyify' Bob November 30, 2011
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