Dobra Vodka happens to probably be the cheapest vodka out on the market. Costing $10 for 1.75 liters this shit will fuck you up. When compared to other vodka, it happens to taste the same considering vodka tastes like rubbing alcohol in the first place, or burnt sweaty asshole. What's so unique about Dobra is that it comes in a huge ass plastic bottle which is great for peeing in it if you have nowhere to piss.
"Dude, what just happened? I woke up outside with the taste of vomit in my mouth with pine needles and sticks on me!" -Seth

"That's because you drank one liter of Dobra in an hour, pissed on yourself, vomitted on me, and karate chopped a fishtank." -Tyler

"Holy shit, I guess I got kinda outta control." -Seth

"Yeah, you throwing up on me would just KINDA be outta control dipshit." -Tyler
by Skeet Magee May 1, 2007