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1) It is a simple motion that consists of a person slightly jumping off the ground repeatedly fast while saying "Do the Dooty Doot"

2) Sexual context: a guy who is getting his dick sucked or is pounding some hot chick.

3) Drinking context: in reference to a guy or girl who is completely shitfaced and is dancing in a manner where there head is down, hand(s) up and are jumping. They are also most likely spilling their drink everywhere as they are about to blackout.
1) Brian: "Yo Kevin, do the dooty doot!"
Kevin: <quickly jumps up and down> "DO THE DOOTY DOOT!"

2) Brandon: "Hey, I think James is in his bedroom with that hot brunette!"
Justin: "Sounds like he is about to Do the Dooty Doot!"

3) Heather: "Holly shit, Nicole, look at Kathleen, she looks like she is going to blackout soon!"
Nicole: "She probably will considering she is doing the Dooty Doot!"
by SlamDunkonYou February 08, 2011
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