to get work done

to phisically accomplish a task that involves work

to literally do work
lets Do Work son

i just did work

u need to do work
by jason1228 December 06, 2009
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Used to describe the progress you make with your new girl
"Yo what are you doing tonight bro"
"I am about to kick it with that dimer i met last night"
" Thatta boy, do work son"
by amass May 25, 2010
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what happens when you leave 3+ full bottle of alcohol with 2 guys for a weekend. When you wander aimlessly around campus, pass out and wake up several hours later with UDI, and your dorm room is trashed..
dan: wtf theres chippys everywhere, the fan is broke in half, and my box is broke, my foot feels like its broke.
jay: idk wtf happened, my foot feels like its broke and i have a bunch of scratches everywhere.
jay: thats how you do work.

dan "after drinkin almost 3/4th's a bottle of brandy and having some nasty ass sandwich" comes back from the bathroom, then collapses on his bed.. "5 mins later" starts throwin up against then wall... few mins later falls off the bed about 4ft to the ground, hits his head on a storage crate and rolls around on the floor.
jay: dan are you alive?
dan: dont worry im doin work.
jay: o ok your alive.

by jay aka hunch February 24, 2008
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A phrase made popular by Ziggy, or "Zigglycus" as some know him. "Do Work" is a phrase that basically means Ziggy kicks your ass, and you need to go "do work."
Mr.Funnyshoes: *laughing*
by Mr.Funnyshoes March 02, 2008
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besides being coined by rob and big .to put in work is to commit a cime either to benifit urself or ur group.
hey john we slangin that once 2nite?
ya we doin work 2 nite.

hey tim this guys mouthin me im bout to do work on him.
ya i do work
by corey11224334 May 26, 2008
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A phrase used in the In The Groove (ITG) dance game community that is used to express the idea that they have scored well on a song or have streamed 16ths at a fast BPM.
"Dude, I just quaded Energizer!"

"Do work, son!"
by zAkAtAkx December 02, 2009
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