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A word that can some how can mean everything ever and nothing ever. Word can also be pronounced prongdoon (usually by rarted people aka Take The Eli). While not having a defined term, it can be used differently depending on the scenario and tone of voice used with it. One common use is using it in an enraged way as if mad at someone, or being killed in fortnite. Originally created by Swazzy14, it has spread all over the 5 people he plays Fortnite with.

Can also be used with someone saying random words at they worst time possible and hoping for someone to say it was sick. You have to say it is sick or else you will be necked (slapped in the neck for no reason at all).
Nolab:*dies in fortnite like a boss* That was a Djrandoon moment
by Ian Crowley December 26, 2018
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