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The Shizzl when it comes to online poker. Ain't no jizzl, he's fo rizzl.

You will frequently see him raising with hands like 2Jo (his favorite hand)
Dealer: Hardinda raises 4,069 and is allin.
Dealer: DizzlDTrizzl calls
Dealer: DizzlDTrizzl wins the pot with a full hizzle, jizzles full of dizzles. board Jd Jh 2s Ac Kd
Dealer: Hardinda loses the Pot, 2 pair - aces and kings.
Dealer: Congratulations DizzlDTrizzl, you wizzle One Thizzle Dizzls.
DizzlDTrizzl: w00t!
Hardinda: Nice call :(
by DizzlDTrizzl April 08, 2005
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