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The cutest guy alive. He has squishy cheeks that are so soft you could literally eat them. He is caring, kind, loving, honest, adorable, sexy, respectful, mindful and sincere. This is the best person you will ever meet and would be lucky to have him in your life. He sees the best in all people and brings out the best in everyone who is lucky enough to interact with him.

He is tall and handsome, has big brown eyes, has a smile that will make you forget why you were angry and a contagious laugh that brings peace to your soul when you hear it.

He remembers everything and reminds you about things when you forget them. He doesn't get angry when you can't remember stories that he's told you a million times before.
He will get frustrated with you for not updating your phone and deleting notifications.

Most importantly, he will love you like no one else ever can and ever will. Appreciate him while you have him because he is the most amazing person you will ever meet.
Divyaraj is my cuppycake, gum drop, snookum spookum!
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by 11chaudhn May 16, 2018
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